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Electric Blanket Queen
Send date: 2010-06-20 15:59

Electric Blanket Queen

The Advantage of an Electric Blanket Queen Sized

There are many advantages to purchasing an electric blanket queen sized. However there are a few things that you could keep in mind when choosing the correct size blanket for your bed. For example will the blanket you are choosing adequately heat the area needed and will you be comfortable while you are sleeping? One reason that a queen sized electric blanket is very popular is the fact that this size can give you several advantages.

The first advantage you gain by using an electric blanket queen sized is its versatility. For example many people that own a single bed like to have extra blanket to wrap themselves around in and by purchasing a size a bit larger than the bed you can gain the extra amount of blanket you need. Then there is the reverse, many times owners of king size beds only want to cover the space that is actually used for the sleeping area. A queen size is an option that works perfectly for either situation.

Another advantage is that once you get into the queen size blanket you know start to have a few more options to choose from. One of these features is that most electric blankets this size comes with two controllers. That means that if you share a bed either person can easily access the remote so there is no having to crawl around hunting for it. Some of the models even have two separate systems so that both people sharing the bed can actually enjoy their favorite setting.

Unfortunately many people still believe that electric blankets are hot and uncomfortable due to heavy wiring running through the blanket. This is a misconception and most manufacturers now use wiring that is so flexible and soft that they are almost undetectable. With this new innovation you can now comfortably curl up in your blanket and not worry about the wires. Another big advantage is they now longer heat the entire bed and the blanket.

You will find when purchasing an electric blanket queen that the blanket only warms it does not get stifling hot like earlier models did. Now you can set the temperature that keeps you comfortable and the blanket will regulate it through the night so you can remain warm and comfortable all night long. You may also be surprised to learn that there are many different temperatures to choose from.

Remember when it was a choice of high, medium or low? This is no longer the case as many types of queen sized electric blankets now come with as many as 10 different settings. You can now be assured that you will find the correct amount of warmth for you.  So when shopping for an electric blanket, queen sized can work for several different situations.

Many people remember the days of electric blankets when they were filled with ridged wires and either did not produce enough heat or made the bed so hot you had to throw off the covers. This is no longer the case. You can find a great blanket that gives you the exact amount of warmth you are looking for with the perfect size. In fact by using an electric blanket queen size you can accomplish both needs and keep yourself comfortable all winter long.